Want ‘Selena’ Results? Use These Makeup Brushes

Want ‘Selena’ Results? Use These Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brush Set

makeup brush set Selena Gomez

A makeup artist’s weight in gold is their talent and the makeup brush set they use to give celebs like Selena Gomez serious face, which normally doesn’t come cheap. For the everyday makeup lover, think affordable CVS drugstore brand Makeup Academy, which has extended their line with 15 new professional brushes.

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The Buzz

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Designed with a mix of natural and synthetic fibers for use across face, eyes and lips, the 15 new professional brushes in the premium brush collection feature precision-cut heads and sleek, gunmetal finishes. Available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy, the collection includes:

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Why You’ll Love It

It’s easy to forget to that these MUA makeup brushes, do in deed deliver pro-level results on a drugstore budget. These brushes are sleekly-designed, the dark handles make them look even more expensive than what they are, and the bristles don’t stab your skin. To date, I haven’t seen a bristle fall out yet, which is a good sign, however, I also  haven’t put a ton of wear and tear on the Pro Multi Purpose Brush I regularly use.

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