The Right Red Lip Color For Every Skin Tone

The Right Red Lip Color For Every Skin Tone

Who says no to drama? Definitely not when it comes to your lips. A quick swipe of red lipstick is your secret weapon for adding a vibrant splash of color with minimal effort. Remember, the perfect red is out there for everyone, so finding that just-right shade for your skin tone is key. Trust that once you nail it, the compliments will start rolling in—it’s a total game-changer!

MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick, Ruby Woo is a long-wearing lipstick that delivers intense color payoff and a completely matte finish with up to 8 hours of wear.

Price: $23



Urban Decay Vice Hydrating Lipstick - Matte in Bright Blue Red offers rich, long-lasting color with a creamy, vegan formula enriched with aloe vera and avocado oil. It nourishes and hydrates lips, providing a comfortable, vibrant wear.

Price: $21



Based on your skin tone, the perfect red lip color is within reach...

Fair & Beige: Stick with reds that have a blue or brown undertone. Talk about high-impact beauty!

Bronze & Golden: If you’re complexion is similar to this model’s, then you should look for deep reds that have a brown base. The more intense the color the better.

Deep: If you’re in this category, stick with pinky reds. They have a greater impact against your skin tone.

The drama a red lip color brings to your lips is exactly what you should strive for.

Tip: You need a clean canvas before applying any lipstick, so exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate your lips!

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