The 10 Minute Solution To Super White Teeth

The 10 Minute Solution To Super White Teeth

White Teeth

HiSmile Co-Founder Alex Tomic says, “Our aim is to create products that are truly unique and incredibly different that offer a distinct solution and guarantee results for our customers.” Teeth whitening for the vain has met its match with HiSmile – a 10 minute whitening treatment guaranteed to lighten up to two shades. And unlike many over-the-counter teeth whitening products, with HiSmile you will not experience pain or sensitivity during the whitening process. Each session takes only takes 10 minutes, and in every kit you’ll get 6 applications. 

The Buzz

HiSmile stands above the rest with the sweet color of the pink toothpaste that is in the Teeth Whitening Kit, which helps deliver a unique brushing experience. It’s an all natural gel formula that combines pomegranate, aloe vera, and chamomile — all components, which act as natural light activators. The toothpaste has a distinct spearmint flavor with a textured paste to ensure that your breath is fresh without having to apply too much. HiSmile products are peroxide free and contain sodium bicarbonate a safe alternative to whiten teeth without causing irritation.

Price: $59.99


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