VIDEO: Does Wendy Love Her Body?

Do you like syndicated talk show host Wendy Williams body? Does she like her body? Get her answer and her advice for young women in this episode of the Wendy Williams Celebrity Video Series with HueKnewIt beauty editor, Gregorie Guillaume.

Wendy Dishes About How She Looks

“In real life, I rather like the way I look. My stomach is really flat. But I go to the gym too. You know, I go to the gym and I work out. We all have our flaws. I’ve got my upper arms. But they are what they are. I was a chubby kid. It took all this time for me to get a hold of my body and really just, you know, like it’s good. But it took all this time.” [su_pullquote align=”right”]

“…Put the chips down now and enroll in a gym…”


Wendy on Learning How To Accept Her Body

“I mean…and it wasn’t about just being chubby, for me it was also about being tall. I spent the first half of my life leaning on one hip trying to be shorter so that the boys would like me and I wasn’t the giraffe with the girls. And a giraffe is a tall, thin girl. I wasn’t a giraffe. I was more like a Barney. You know what I mean?”

Wendy’s Advice for Young Women

“But what I would tell young girls so that they’re not in this position where they’re trying to make good. There does come a point when your arms are too far gone or where you’re too far gone you have to get surgery, so they have to put the chips down now and enroll in a gym [even] if they just go once a week. I know 21 is good. Twenty-one and everything’s tight and right, but look out.”

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Host: Gregorie Guillaume, @hueknewit
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