VIDEO: Will Wendy Reveal Her Real Hair on TV

Will talk show host Wendy Williams ever reveal her real hair on national television? You’ve asked, and now HueKnewIt beauty editor, Gregorie Guillaume reveals Wendy’s answer and more in this interview with the TV host.

Gregorie: “My readers had a lot of questions about your own… your real hair, and I know that you would never expose it on the air…”

Wendy Williams: “I share so much of myself, you know, from personal stories to, you know, my parents. I tell you little anecdotes about whether it’s my hair or, you know, um just you … For my whole career, I’ve shared so much of myself that I feel as though there are certain things that I don’t really have to talk a lot about i don’t I talk about my home life but I’m very particular what I say. I don’t just… I don’t just fly off the seat of my pants. And I feel as though its never necessary to take off my wig. [su_pullquote align=”right”]

…I feel as though its never necessary to take off my wig.

[/su_pullquote] “If I told you that my real hair is longer than most of my wigs, no one would believe it. I will show you [Gregorie], and then you tell your readers. And see I don’t have a problem showing it, but now that it’s such a mystery I like to keep it going.”

Gregorie: “Her hair is absolutely beautiful, but I do understand why it is that she does put these wigs on. This (referring to her current wig) is obviously much more voluminous than what she normaly does. Her hair is thinning on the sides, guys. A little thyroid disease. correct?”

Wendy Williams: “And it’s thinning all around.”

Gregorie: [It’s] thinning all around, too.

Wendy Williams: “But how long would it be. Would this wig be [the length of] my actual hair?”

Gregorie: “Her hair actually…Her hair literally is to the middle of her back. So it’s really that long, guys. Her hair is absolutely beautiful, but you know, I understand why she does where these wigs. So it.. it just all works. Thanks so much for sharing, Wendy.”

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