MANE MONDAY: How To Get An Insta Ponytail

MANE MONDAY: How To Get An Insta Ponytail


how to fake a ponytail

No time to grow it? Fake a long ponytail and change your look in an instant when you need to with an 18-inch Hairdo Simply Straight Pony! Gigi, is that really all your hair?

The Buzz

When you want to replicate the hair styles of your favorite celebs like Gigi Hadad, but need a little extra help, look no further than Hairdo extensions and accessories to a create a faux, sleek, long pony. The Hairdo 18″ Simply Straight Pony is easy to use and can be worn high, low or to the side. This pony also features a strip of hair that wraps around to conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair.

Price: Ulta and, $49

Why You’ll Love It (or not)

What I like is the idea that I, that you, can instantly go from a short to a long ponytail. I also like that the Hairdo ponytail is easy to attach and doesn’t compromise the health of your own hair as you wear it. What I didn’t like is the lack of fullness…not sure how many ounces it was, but it was quite light. I also didn’t like that the hair looked overly-silky and shiny – didn’t match my hair texture, which is why I didn’t take a picture to show you! A word of advice to Hairdo, think about offering hair textures other than silky.

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