Try This Fresh Take On A New Spring Fragrance

Try This Fresh Take On A New Spring Fragrance

Spring Perfume

clean lovegrass spring perfume

If you’re still in search of a go-to fresh new Spring perfume, look no further than CLEAN Lovegrass, a modern and elegant floral that  is “Inspired by the new wave of freshness in the marketplace,” says Patricia Choux, CLEAN Lovegrass.

The Buzz

CLEAN Lovegrass captures the connection between nature and memories of getting lost running through the grass while chasing the sun. Patric says,

Lovegrass combines modern freshness with a traditionally classic orris and orange flower. The result is a new interpretation of a modern, fresh, elegant floralcy that opens with captivating freshness and is contrasted with a warm, comfortable and creamy back.

Fragrance Notes: Top – Lemon Blossom Clementine, Cedrat, Black Pepper; Mid Notes – Orris, Orange Blossom, Eglantine Petals; Dry Notes – Blonde woods, Amber Woods (Orcanox), Skin Musks, Patchouli, Labdanum.

Price: $72 / 2.14 Fl Oz / 60 mL, 40 / 1 Fl Oz / 30 ml


Why You’ll Love It


Little did CLEAN’s public relations rep know that when she sent me Lovegrass, it would immediately  become my spring perfume go-to for the rest of this season, maybe even summer. I’m simply addicted to this fragrance. I wear Lovegrass when I come out of the shower. I wear Lovegrass when I go out at night. I wear this perfume all the freaking time because it’s super-refreshing and light on senses. I say all of this to say, buy this perfume toute suite!

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