How To Get Deborah Cox's 'The Bodyguard' Makeup Look

How To Get Deborah Cox's 'The Bodyguard' Makeup Look

The Bodyguard

jay manuel beauty the bodyguard On May 4th, something incredible happened. I sat in the orchestra section of the Pantages Theater and marveled at Deborah Cox's performance in 'The Bodyguard: The Musical'. The acting was incredible, the stage show was out of this world energetic, but most of all, Deborah looked beautiful during each act due in part to Jay Manuel Beauty, who outfitted not just the star of the show, but the rest of the talented cast as well with makeup looks that stunned audience members.

The Makeup

thumbnail_GoSexy_1494030337Before we get to the makeup breakdowns for all of the looks in the show. I just have to mention that I had the honor of meeting Miss Cox after the show, and one thing was apparent, the luminous glow of her skin with the help of Jay Manuel Beauty Skin Face Lift in Gold made it hard to focus on the questions I wanted to ask, but I perservered. By the way, Skin Face Lift is a product you use to highlight areas of your face that are naturally illuminated like your cheekbones and forehead. Price: $32, If you're wondering if she and the rest of the cast do their own makeup for each performance? The answer is yes. If you're wondering which Jay Manuel Beauty product is her favorite? It's the same one I can't live without - it's pretty much anything within the Filter Finish Collection. And if you're wondering when we're going to hear new music from who I like to call "The Voice," Deborah did say that she's working on new music! Here are some on stage moments...

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