How To Win The Fine Art of Gift Giving

How To Win The Fine Art of Gift Giving

You might’ve heard about the five types of love language by now, and one of those beautiful languages is gift giving. Now, some people naturally lean into this love language. It comes easily to them – it makes them happy too. They know what makes a person’s heart-sing, and the whole thing just makes sense. 

Others, however, don’t have gift-giving as their love language. And no matter how hard they try, they come back around to bubble bath and socks. It’s not because they don’t care. It isn’t because they aren’t creative in other areas of their life. It is because gift-giving is an art. 

There is something delightful about watching someone you love to unwrap a carefully chosen gift and falling in love with it. The recipient will also feel wonderful. It is knowing that someone has carefully selected something, just for them. 

It’s fuzzy feelings all around – when you get it right. And while you might never be able to rival those natural gift-givers, you can get better! 

Knowledge is Power

The big move when it comes to gift-giving is knowing that person really well. Secret Santa is a different ball game, and you can usually ballpark it. But giving a gift to a friend, family member, or someone important to you – needs to land well. 

You have to use what you know. In theory, it sounds simple. They like a particular band, so get concert tickets. That is a great gift and will be something they will never forget. But with enough planning, you can give them tickets, a signed album, or throw in an overnight stay. If you’re on a budget, there is no reason to slack here either. Head to thrift stores and look for vintage tees, or track them down online. Make a playlist for their favorite song and add extra bands that they might like. If they’re really a huge fan, get the date of the concert on a piece Richard’s Custom Jewelers.

Perhaps a piece of artwork from one of the band members. You get the idea. There are so many options around a single gift idea. 

Use what you know, add in Google and some creativity, and you will create a gift that is worth talking about. 

Personal Growth

There are many different routes to personal growth. No two journeys really look the same. Some people are working until 1 am to get their business off the ground. Others are trying to fit in 15 minutes of meditation every day without fail. Each person has a mission that will help them feel like they are growing and moving forward. 

You can get them some tools to help them achieve their goals. While you should be hyping them up as often as possible anyway, you can take it further. 

For example, if they have dreams of starting a business, you can put a box together of tools likes:

  • Business planning guide
  • App suggestions & credit for the app store
  • Books on the topic
  • Notebooks and stationery to help them
  • An item of jewelry from Anne Sportum Jewellery to commemorate the registration day of their business

Place everything in a box with a personalized note listing each item and what they represent. 


The ultimate in gift-giving in a day where you can buy almost anything might just be making something. If there is no way you can make something with your own hands, then you can undoubtedly find someone that can make it for you. 

Some of the sweetest gifts that you can give are something that you simply can’t buy. 

Easier things to make by yourself, soaps, memory books, wood-burning, and monogramming. They are all fun, and you can learn a new skill when you do them too. 

The art of excellent gift-giving comes down to taking time in advance of the festivities to think about gifts that your intended recipient can use, enjoy and really means something. 

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