My Coif, My Tools & the Wavy Hair Trend Sponsored by Target

Blogger Gregorie Guillaume tries the wavy hair trend using Aquage, Cortisio, Dark & Lovely, and Toni & Guy.

By now, most of you have seen the new Target commercials that highlight the fashionable trends shown at their very first fashion show and just this Sunday, the wavy hair trend hairstyle commercial cut debuted.

My inner Pablo Picasso came out as I made a good attempt to recreate the very waves I saw some of the models sport on the Target fashion show runway. And while I had fun transforming myself from the curly-topped, fun wonder to a more demure, restrained looking self, it wasn’t easy.

In the process of trying on a new hair style for size, my version of the wavy hair trend came together with the help of these four products…

Straighten Hair with a Personalized Styler

I semi-straightened my curls because I still wanted some volume using the Cortisio Premium Styler from Cortex ($200, with the Organica imprint. Ain’t it just the prettiest hair tool you’ve every seen? In fact, Cortex’s printing process makes it possible for any salon, spa, hotel, resort, fitness center and stylist to print themes and their names or logos on these high-quality tools. The styler heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and uses ionized technology to promote silkier and smoother hair. To learn more about these tools with personality and that come with a lifetime warranty, go to Cortisio site to launch in about seven days.

Help Straighten Curly Locks

A cool presentation of the latest innovations from Aquage professional salon hair care by Luis Alvarez, Vice President and Co-Founder led to the decision to use Beyond Shine to help me through the flat-ironing process. Beyond Shine is an ultra-light silicone polish that helps curly locks go straight, while it injects shine into each hair strand with every passing of the flat iron. Beyond can also be used before blow drying your hair. Find a salon near you to buy this or any of the rest of the incredible line.

Prevent Hair Shrinkage and Add Strand Brilliance

And because I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I added Dark and Lovely Au Natural Sheen Sealing Nectar ($9.99, available at stores nationwide) to the mix for some additional strand brilliance, but also to prevent hair shrinkage, as I weathered the intense pressure to churn out a decent selfie for this post. Here’s to hopin’ I made momma proud. And besides, the guava nectar fragrance is absolutely intoxicating.

Give Your Straightened Hair Lasting Power

Lastly, to give my coif some good staying power, from the store of the hour, Target, I used Toni&Guy Flexible Hold Spray ($12.99, I wanted a product that still allowed for my tresses to move, but didn’t fall apart at the seams as I whipped my neck into Farah Fawcett positions. Success!

Hue Knew It? I did.

[su_note]Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.[/su_note]

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