Give Your Makeup Brush Wardrobe A Do Over

Give Your Makeup Brush Wardrobe A  Do Over

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Makeup Brush

jaz sinclair - sonicblend rechargeable makeup brush

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It’s all about newbies today. Relatively new to the Hollywood scene is actress Jaz Sinclair who can be seen in the upcoming movie When The Bough Breaks, and brand spanking new to the world of makeup is SonicBlend – a rechargeable makeup brush, that, well you need buy now.

The Buzz

SonicBlend by Michael Todd Beauty is the world’s first antimicrobial a rechargeable  makeup brush that fills in flaws without clumping your makeup. The sonic movements of the brush evenly disperse individual granules of makeup in thin even layers for a 3D airbrush-like flawless finish. It has three speed settings so you can customize your makeup application. The detachable brush head allows for easy cleaning as well as for interchangeable heads (a flat and rounded head are soon to be available). This brush can easily be used with powder, liquid, and cream-based makeup.

To use, simply dip the brush into your makeup, press the power/speed button and apply your makeup in a circular motion beginning at the jaw line  and working outwards.

The price is $99 and is available at Other brush handles available are pink and black.

Why You’ll Love It

As someone whose pores will forever be visible, it’s nice that I finally have a makeup tool that takes the hard work out of filling in every nook and cranny. Granted, I still haven’t figured out how to adjust the settings so I can really customize my makeup application, but as with any new tool, it’s a work in progress for me. I particularly enjoy the vibration of the tool on my skin….oh yeah. 

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