Age-Busting Facial Cleansers

Age-Busting Facial Cleansers

Discover four age busting facial cleansers from Restorsea, Nyakio, ClaySpray, and Elemis to help stop the aging of your skin.

Starting out a post with a woman’s age isn’t normal practice for HKI, but when a 47 year-old-woman looks as youthful and as fly as former member of  singing group En Vogue and current R&B Divas: LA cast member, Dawn Robinson, you best believe we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

Whether it be by divine order or with the use of incredible anti-aging facial cleansers, Dawn’s appearance should inspire the masses to get with the anti-aging program toute suite…

New on the block is Restørsea™ Reviving Cleanser ($65, and Bergdorf Goodman). The chore of washing our faces every night to free it of makeup and daily dirt is never exciting, but you at least get more than just a clean face when you wash with Restorsea, which, by the way doesn’t strip away much-needed oil. This product not only contains natural ingredients like Japanese Songyi Mushroom – a bio-herbal extract to help brighten the complexion, it also contains Brown algae to reduce inflammation and increase elasticity as well as Vitamin C to reduce the appearance of age spots. This product is an ideal replacement for women who like the exfoliating and hydrating properties of a glycolic acid, but, who suffer the ill side effects.

nyakio Hydrating Face Cleanser with Kola Nut ($29, is a mix between an old African family recipe and the knowledge of talented skin care chemists. Made of caffeine & antioxidant-rich African kola nut, trichilia seed butter, chamomile oil, rooibos tea extract, lavender oil and other key ingredients, ‘Hydrating’ gently cleanses and hydrates and works for most skin types.

Something HKI has never seen before – a clay treatment product that’s delivered to the face or body via a spray nozzle Clayspray ($59.95, 125 ml,, – – the only product of this type in the world! Innovative to say the least, the entire collection is enriched emulsified clay prepared with mineral water, period, end of story. Here’s a rundown of the collection…

  • Clayspray Pore Refining White Clay: Exfoliates and removes impurities and environmental toxins while it refines pores for a smoother looking complexion. For normal/combination skin. This clay also nourishes skin by adding minerals silica to boost collagen, calcium to promote healthy cell regeneration, and potassium to help lock in moisture and accelerate cell turnover like to help prevent aging.
  • Clayspray Toning White Clay with Aloe-Vera: Gently exfoliates, smoothes, softens and standardizes skin texture revealing younger looking skin.
  • Clayspray White Clay with Aloe-Vera: Ideal for normal/sensitive skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties, ‘Aloe-Vera’ gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while improving the appearance of dark spots. Contains minerals such as silica to boost collagen, calcium to build healthy skin cells and potassium to increase moisture and improve skin texture.
  • Clayspray Brightening White Clay with Ginseng: Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells while the ginseng energizes and brightens tired and dull-looking skin. Contains silica to boost collagen, calcium to build healthy skin cells and potassium to help lock in moisture. This clay also delivers an oxygenating effect for an immediately replenished and renewed complexion. For normal/combination skin
  • Clayspray Mattifying Red Clay: Ideal for oil skin types,’Red Clay’ contains restorative properties that regulates oil secretion, combats blemishes and purifies. ‘Red Clay’ also deep cleanses, eliminates impurities and soothes, so it leaves your skin with a fresh matte appearance. It’s enriched with silica to boost collagen iron to increase circulation and magnesium to heal.

A class act all the way, Elemis ​- Pro-Collagen Clean​sing Balm​ ($60, includes a cleansing cloth in the packaging. Thanks for being so thoughtful Elemis. ‘Pro-Collagen’ feels like “butta” on your skin…it melts right in. Using this anti-aging cleansing balm is an experience that every woman should partake in. The essence of natural essential oils is more than words can describe, but above the aroma, the ingredient of StarFlower oil removes impurities and make-up while Padina Pavonica promotes cell vitality and elasticity. Get ready to see a deeply cleansed, smooth and glowing complexion.

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