The 4 Best Fall Skin Care Products

The 4 Best Fall Skin Care Products

What makes these four fall skin care products the best are that they all bring a little somethin’ different to the beauty table…benefits that have certainly piqued the interest of this Blogger-in-Chief.

Let’s be real, when a celebrity decides that their name has enough cache to sell a beauty or fashion anything to the masses, the question is will we really buy into it? Often times we follow with blind faith and jump into the fray along with the rest, however, HKI looks at these licensing partnerships with great skepticism or in my girlfriend-to-girlfriend speak – “with a side eye,” because what really does a celeb like actress Salma Hayek know about selling a skin care line? To the surprise of HKI, Salma’s simple, but straightforward point of view of this category is one that can easily be bought into. Inspired by her grandmother, Salma’s ‘Nuance’ was developed to give every woman the chance to experience quality products at affordable prices.

The dense product line has something for everyone that costs nowhere near Bergdorf Goodman money, but delivers high-end results…introducing Nuance Salma Hayek Hydralight Moisturizing Gel ($16.99, ‘Hydralight’ contains cucumber extract, apple fruit extract & aloe leaf juice, ingredients that all work in unison to soothe, refresh, condition and plump as well as lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration for a refined appearance. Did you know that cucumbers are high in H2O and Vitamin E which make them great moisturizing ingredients?

Just when you thought bar soaps were a thing of the past, Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil soap ($2.99, reminds us that back to basics skin care is still pretty cool. ‘Olive Oil’ is ideal for all skin types and is the perfect transition into Fall product because it’s highly moisturizing and soothes skin as it becomes drier during the cooler months. Contains no animal ingredients, artificial colors, unnecessary chemicals and there’s no animal testing.

Exfoliating shouldn’t equal pain, so try an organic solution to your dull skin problem – Organic Mineral Peel Face ($44,, a non-abrasive facial exfoliator that treats your skin with kit gloves as it gently removes mask-making dead skin & hard to remove makeup within minutes of application. You’ll notice a marked difference in your skin’s complexion after the first time you use it! Get ready to fall in ove with your skin again. Contains natural skin brightening agents like Milk Thistle and Licorice as well as enriched nutrients and antioxidants Omega 3, Vitamin A, & Vitamin B1.
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How we treat ourselves on the inside eventually shows up on the outside, so “nurture your complexion from within” with A Prettea Little Tea Quartet from MIYU Beauty (pronounced mee-you) ($24, This travel-sized lifestyle & skin care kit comes with:

•    1 – hydrate mi beauty essence, 15 ml
•    1 – de-stress mi beauty essence, 15 ml
•    2 sachets of hydrate mi beauty tea
•    2 sachets of de-stress mi beauty tea

Tote this unique four-piece introductory collection of MIYU’s beauty essences and teas with you on your overnight trips or give it as a gift to a needy soul. ‘Prettea’ comes with the promise to give your complexion the necessary attention it needs to hydrate and soothe it from the inside out.


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