Spotted: ATM-Friendly Uneven Skin Tone Treatment Products

Spotted: ATM-Friendly Uneven Skin Tone Treatment Products

Spotted: ATM-friendly uneven skin tone treatment products from Vita-K, Garnier, and Bio-Oil perfect for women on a budget who have spotted, uneven skin.

Luxe versus mass – decisions, decisions. Think of your local drugstore & big box retailer as a friend and not foe to your wallet that houses hundreds of economical beauty finds for you to sift through at your leisure. Also, think of shopping mass as a place where you can roam the aisles freely without the pressures of a salesperson looking at you like a piece of meat trying to score their next sale. Aahhh, the wonders of looking at a cup that’s half full.

You especially don’t need deep pockets if your on-again, off-again hyperpigmentation issue isn’t so severe that it can’t be treated with a over-the-counter drugstore like one of these…

More than just a spot treatment for scars, age & brown spots, ($14.99, confronts and tackles many other signs of aging skin like firming slack skin that’s lost elasticity, lessens the appearance of crows feet around the eyes and restores hydration to dry skin. Contains Vitamin K with anti-aging peptides (Matrixyl™ 3000) to return your skin as close to its original glory days. Wow, multiple benefits for less than $15 bucks, you can’t beat that! 

With the number of products Garnier keeps introducing, its hard to believe that the R&D (Research & Development) folks ever go to sleep…there’s so much! Just last week I attended their newest hair care launch for Garnier Olia – but more about that in a future post.

For just under $17, try Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel by Garnier ($16.99, – a glycolic peel (an acid derived from sugar cane) that gently speeds up dark spot fading and evens skin tone. Use every night for up to 4 weeks and you’ll notice how much brighter your complexion appears. For all skin types.

For those of you who have an aversion to applying oil to your face, allow me to convince you otherwise. Bio Oil Specialist Skin Care ($9.99,, $19.99, 4.2oz, $1.99, 2 oz) won’t cause breakouts because it doesn’t clog pores. What it does do is use rich moisturizers to hydrate and nourish aging & dehydrated skin. Moreover, Bio Oil treats stretch marks, improves the appearance of scars over time, evens skin tone and during the summer can be used as an after-sun treatment.

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