HAND CARE: Treat Your Hands to a Little TLC

HAND CARE: Treat Your Hands to a Little TLC

No responsible beauty blogger would let the beauty junkies of the world roam the streets with hands that look like members of the octogenarian crew – translation: neglecting the health of your hands now could put them at risk for looking much older much earlier in life.

Check out some hand-centric hand skin care products guaranteed to make your paws feel cared for…

Stress shows up in many different forms and our nails aren’t immune from it. Keep your nails and cuticles in tip-top shape with shea butter & green tea-infused Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter ($25, alessandro-international.us). In fact, tote this nail butter to your next mani/pedi and ask your nail tech to work it into your hand massage. I think she deserves a bigger tip, don’t you?

Tweezerman Precision Steel Cuticle and Hangtail Snipper ($20, tweezerman.com) is my (and should be your) new favorite beauty implement. It’s ergonomic design fits perfectly between my thumb and index finger, the cute travel pouch allows me take it anywhere and the super sharp angled tips makes it so easy to reach hard to cut cuticles…not like some “other” implements – dare I say Revlon!

It was ($6.99, drugstore.com) that saved me from major embarrassment one day. I had noticed white ash on the palms and in the grooves of both of my hands and at first thought, “maybe I could clear the ash with my saliva,” but, after a few more seconds of clear thinking, I pulled out my mini ‘Working Hands’ to help me in a pinch. Don’t let this happen to you ladies & gents. Keep WH close to you at all times because it’s the answer to treating severely dry hands especially if you need a boost of moisture that lasts and lasts. It has a high concentration of glycerin which draws in and locks in moisture. This product saved my life!

Hue Knew It? I did. 

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