Facial Toner IS A Skin Care Beauty Essential

Facial Toner IS A Skin Care Beauty Essential

The notion that facial toner does nothing but add an unnecessary step to an already loathsome skin care regime is a popular belief among the majority of women, sadly. What’s more, we secretly hope cleansers alone will do the job of removing all of the day’s makeup, dirt and grime, only to wake up the next morning with a pillowcase covered in residual stuff. That’s just nasty. Facial toner IS a skin care beauty essential.

The essential oils in Zensation Deep Purifying Toner ($35, zensationbeaute.com) like tea tree oil, peppermint, thyme and lavender, which are filled with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe blemishes makes it’s $35 price point worth every penny. The oils also work together to act as a mild astringent and rather than drying out your skin, this alcohol-free toner removes residual cleanser & dirt and leaves your skin feeling not tight, but fresh and conditioned. For combination, oily and acneic skin. Girls, this is the shiznick.

Since you can’t escape the anti-aging product monster, join ’em.

First up, Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Toning Complex ($40, sephora.com) not only does the work of removing crud from our pores, the 10% glycolic acid effectively purges skin that is no more into the dead zone to reveal a new, healthy complexion. Lactic acid, citric acid and witch hazel are the anti-aging dream team as these ingredients minimize the appearance of aging lines and wrinkles.  Be still my beating heart Peter Thomas Roth, another incredible product.

Another dual-purpose toner on the anti-aging train is Vitaphenol Anti-Aging Toner ($45, vitaphenol.americommerce.com), an alcohol-free toner that also contains 10% glycolic acid. But there are plenty of other star ingredients like grapefruit extract to protect healthy skin cells, CoQ10 to reduce the signs of aging & pomegranate, and green and white teas to improve skin tone. I think a giveaway’s a comin’!

Hue Knew It? I did.  


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