Use Facial Products with Antioxidants to Protect Your Skin

Use Facial Products with Antioxidants to Protect Your Skin

Use facial products with antioxidants from Goldfaden, MitoQ, & Lumene to protect your skin from dryness, age spots and premature aging. Comprised of vitamins, amino acids and natural ingredients like grapeseed extract, antioxidants act as barriers against free-radical damage which causes skin dryness, age spots and prematurely ages skin.

Produced by the human body, CoQ (Coenzyme Q-10), one of the newest antioxidants on the scene keeps our cells functioning in tip top condition, all the while decreasing as we age, but when used in skin care products, help regenerate skin cells. Patented MITOQ Power Antioxidant Rejuvenation ($185, delivers  CoQ 1000 times the concentration of similar products to cellular mitochondria – the core of the cell where energy is produced as it takes in nutrients and breaks them down. When MitoQ is used as directed over a period of 30 days, it’s continually absorbed into the skin, gradually restoring collagen and elastin levels so skin appears youthful. For all skin types.

LUMENE Finland Pure Radiance Beauty Drops ($21.99, turned up on this list of antioxidant products you must know about, first for it’s concentrated delivery system which contains Arctic lingonberry seed oil & Vitamin C to protect, brighten and nourish skin. Waste not, want not. Use one capsule a day for 28 days.

Developed as the first physician strength natural skin care line, Goldfaden MD Radical Difference Advanced Antioxidant Serum ($80, is infused with powerful Red Tea and Cherry extracts, which not only protect, but reduces the appearance of imperfections and redness. The added benefit? Hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture, firm & plump sagging skin. For all skin types.

Remember: Always apply treatment products before moisturizers.

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