Get A Smudge-Proof Golden Tan with Bronzer for Black Women

Get A Smudge-Proof Golden Tan with Bronzer for Black Women

Show off sexy, sunkissed skin this summer like Atlanta Housewife Nene Leakes who shows us why bronzer for black women is a must. The best thing about Nene’s head-to-toe glow is that it’s accessible to us all via an aerosol can and a glitzy compact.

Please put the petroleum jelly down and check out these products…

In addition to sunscreen and a great moisturizer, think about adding So Bronze Self-Tanning Body Bronzing Mist ($34.50, to your body beauty kit. To ease your concern, you’ll be happy to know that the fine mist doesn’t stain your clothing, it dries within five minutes and creates an enviable luminous bronzed glow that lasts up to seven days. The best feature is it’s a hands-free, no rub application – no mess, no fuss.

Guerlain’s Terracotta Mosaic Tan-Enhancing Bronzer ($69, for the face and body is incredible. This chic little compact houses the prettiest mosaic ochre & gold tones that when applied to your shoulders and neck enhances the look of any tan leaving behind a subtle, shimmery effect.

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