Improve The Appearance of Scars With 2 Products

Improve The Appearance of Scars With 2 Products

Of Mary’s facial scar, the Queen of Hip Hop said in a February 2009 60 minutes interview, that part of her self-acceptance journey was to “accept the scar on my face.” What a great quote – you choose to accept what is, fight what is or make what is [the scar] better by using one of these worthwhile products…

Improve the appearance of scars with Scar Healing Therapy by Kinerase ($48,, sephora stores) is that it’s a gel that provides a protective seal for your scar as it heals it by smoothing, softening and flattening the offending area. SCT also creates the perfect environment to boost collagen production, improves the appearance of keloidal (raised) scars, the color, roughness and discomfort of your scar. NOTE: Collagen is the key element that plumps up our skin so we look healthy and youthful. Use twice daily.

ScarAway Diminishing Serum ($17.99, major drugstores) is a silicone-based serum – once only available to hospitals, burn centers and plastic surgeons that delivers healing power in a tri-rollerball tip. Marketed as “ideal for African-American Skin,” ScarAway is a serum that’s completely invisible, odor-free, non-greasy and goes on silky smooth. Apply the serum first, moisturizer and then your makeup. For optimal results you’ll see improvement for newer scars in about 12 weeks, and for older ones in about 5-6 months. You can also use this on stretch marks, severe acne scarring and hard to reach spots like your neck, ears, hands, or joints.

Part of living an authentic life is accepting the things about ourselves that we cannot change and in this case it’s a scar.

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