4 Products To Transition Your Skin From Summer To Fall

4 Products To Transition Your Skin From Summer To Fall

Check out four products to transition your skin from summer to fall from Lypsyl, Sadick Dermatology Group, DNA Defense, and Specific Beauty. We’ve transitioned from Summer to Fall, and come December 22, Winter will make yet another appearance – hopefully a milder one than the year before (purely a selfish request of course). But no matter how mild or harsh the weather change is, one thing’s for certain, our skin type during the summer will undoubtedly change going into the Fall & Winter months – some less oily than usual while others’ skin will be begging for just a hint of moisture.

Despite what you thought before now, transitional skin care applies to you and me. And since I’m in a giving mood, allow me to lovingly suggest a few products me that will help your somewhat parched skin survive the Fall & Winter seasons with ease.

The one area of our face that gets paid little attention to during skin care talks are our lips. Lypsyl Intense Protection Lip Balm LypMoisturizer Honeyberry ($2.99, walgreens.com) is a product that can be used any time of the year, but it becomes especially useful to you as the weather cools. Never mind the yummy honeyberry fragrance, this pure Swedish beeswax lip balm is infused with avocado butter to moisturize, Vitamins A & E to soften & heal and shea butter to heal & protect.

The toughest fact to accept as truth is that we’re aging. But rather than ignore this truth, embrace what is and use products like Sadick Dermatology Group’s AM Protection Cream ($36, sephora stores) – a highly moisturizing protective day cream with SPF 20 to address environmental factors like harsh weather and UV radiation that contributes to the visible signs of aging. Sadick’s cream is an oil-free formula that instantly smoothes your skin’s texture and tone and creates a perfect canvas for makeup.

You can’t escape from it. During the day, everyday, it’s your responsibility to wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more like DNA Defense’s SPF 30+ ($45, dnaegfrenewal.com). This is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula that also protects skin against photo-aging (damage brought on by extreme exposure to sunlight) and cellular damage.  

A line of products that isn’t yet a household name, but is getting closer everyday is Specific Beauty (SB). SB is a line specifically designed for multi-hued skin tones. A beautiful end to every evening after you’ve washed your face is to apply Specific Beauty’s Night Treatment Complex ($18.99, specificbeauty.com). It’s a lightweight skin brightening formula that helps improve skin texture any time of the year because it delivers the perfect dose of retinol (a type of Vitamin A) while you sleep. A special cocktail of ingredients like licorice which evens out skin tone and the powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E protects your skin from free radical damage. This highly effective night treatment hydrates, brightens and enhances the skin’s natural complexion, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel ($6.49, walgreens.com) receives an honorable mention in this entry because of it’s delivery system. Hue Knew that these individually wrapped towelettes do such a wonderful job of cleansing your skin, refining your pores, removing & controlling oil, soothing irritated skin and locking in moisture. Use ‘em whenever, wherever on your face and neck for instant results.

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 Hue Knew It? I did. 

Tomiko Frasier (February 20, 2007 – Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment)

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