Treat Combination Skin In An Instant

Treat Combination Skin In An Instant

It’s true that combination skin (oily forehead, nose and chin; outer areas are drier and flaky at times) is a little tricky to treat, but it’s doable if you understand what the overall goal is – to keep the oil and water balance levels in both skin types that live on your face in check, in other words, your T-Zone shouldn’t be overly-lubricated and your dry skin should feel hydrated, not tight.

Check out HKI’s product choices to treat combination skin

You might like Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser ($27.95, because it’s a hydrating milky gel with herbal extracts that washes away dirt and makeup and leaves your skin feeling balanced. The ingredient arnica reduces inflammation while nutrient-rich blood orange cleanses and removes oil. Environmental note: this cleanser is packaged in a plantable carton imbedded with organic seeds.

Regular deep cleansings and exfoliation help keep combination skin free and clear of blemishes, so try products like GloProfessional’s Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub ($30, to gently remove dead skin as it stimulates cell regrowth, conditions & hydrates dry skin. This product is good for all except for sensitive skin types.

Treat your T-Zone with a uniquely-shaped Formula 1006 In the T-Zone Mask ($5.99, These zinc & marshmallow infused cloth masks promote healing and soothing, so put that tissue away and try a targeted treatment cloth like this to help keep your skin look matte and oil-free all day.

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