Primetime Rx: Repair Damaged Skin & Soothe Tired Feet

Primetime Rx: Repair Damaged Skin & Soothe Tired Feet

How do you undo the damage of partying hard with your friends? That’s easy. Just look for products whose sole purpose is to bring you back to your original glory days. Here are some beauty remedies that repair damaged skin and soothe tired feet:

Dancing hard and schmoozing the night away in heels can do a number on your delicate feet and legs. Take some time to pamper your feet with Apivita Mask for Tired Feet & Legs with Ruscus ($28, With ingredients like arnica (a topical anti-inflammatory that speeds up the healing process) and essential oils like rosemary and lavender which stimulates circulation in your legs and feet. Just massage the mixture onto your knees and down to the soles of your feet and as it absorbs, you’ll feel a cooling sensation. For best results, raise your legs for a few minutes.

So, the morning after you’ve looked in the mirror and gasp at what you see – puffy eyes. There’s no reason to stress because Bliss Baggage Handler ($28, can fix those puffy eyes in an instant. Cucumber extract is the main ingredient that helps to reduce unsightly puffiness. Algae extract firms and tightens any fine lines you might have. Part of the reason why your eyes are so puffy is because is they lack hydration – this product can help with that too.

The morning after you’ve been partying, you may also notice that your skin looks a little dull. If there was smoking at the party and you inhaled it, know that over time, nicotine weakens blood circulation which is why your skin ends up looking dull. What you need is DDF’s Brightening Cleanser ($35, It contains six natural skin brighteners that are blended with glycolic & salicylic acid which clears blemishes and evens out skin tone.   

Tip: Drink alcohol in moderation. Drinking speeds up the aging process because the alcohol over-dilates your blood vessels and causes them to weaken over time and dehydrates your skin.

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