Pocketbook Beauty: Must-Have Travel Size Beauty Products

Pocketbook Beauty: Must-Have Travel Size Beauty Products

Does size matter to you? Maybe not to the powerful, five-two actress, Malinda Wiliams, but to me, definitely. What bugs me is when your favorite beauty products won’t fit into your little clutch because they’re too big. But don’t fret, be jazzed about these weightless and less-than-bulgy, must-have travel size beauty products I found to fit your pocketbook.

If you find yourself dealing with the after-affects of a bug bite, seriously chapped lips, eczema or develop a rash because of an over-enthusiastic fragrance spritzer at the local department store, then you’ll be in good company with First Aid Beauty Healing Stick ($14, sephora.com & firstaidbeauty.com). Rather than being a messy cream, it delivers healing in a stick. Just rub it on the affected area and go about your business. This product does so much more so you should check out F.A.B’s website for more information.

For an eco-friendly cheek color choice, try Tarte Mini Blushing Bride Natural Cheek Stain ($10, sephora inside JCPenney) in deep plum. This formulation contains no alcohol so you don’t have to worry about it drying out your skin. There’s just something about pint-size products like this that makes me smile.

I got the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation for GoNails Nail Growth Treatment ($24.99, mygobeauty.com) not too long ago and was impressed by what this product actually does for your nails. In short, if you want to grow longer and stronger nails, have healthier cuticles and eliminate discoloration, then GoNails is a great option. This product contains biotin (from egg folk) which is exactly what you need to improve nail thickness. While this product does more to improve the overall health of your nails, the biggest selling point for me is that you can use it over your existing nail polish without your manicure being ruined. As a woman who’s obsessed with her nails, I say with conviction that this product works!

For your next waxing appointment, prepare by carrying Relax and Wax No Scream Cream ($19.99, dermstore.com) in your bag. The ingredient benzocaine numbs the “area” and makes your waxing experience a little less painful. Make sure to use it at least 45 minutes before your appointment. Good luck.

A germaphobe I am not, but I understand the importance of keeping yourself free and clear of unecessary germs, so keeping Bodycology’s Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer (2oz. not seen here, $1.99, walmart and walgreens stores) in your bag is always a safe bet.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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