Pick The Right Skirt For Your Body Type

Pick The Right Skirt For Your Body Type

The Right Skirt

Trends come and go, but the one that has staying power in your wardrobe is the best skirt for your body type. But choosing a classic skirt that will still be fashionable year after year can be a challenge until now. Here are some tips for selecting the right skirt for you.

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Shop for Your Body Shape To make sure the skirt you buy will be that go-to piece of clothing is to shop for your body shape because a skirt that compliments your shape will help you look fashionable and you’ll ultimately feel your best. Pencil skirts accentuate the small waist size for someone with an hourglass shape and highlights curvy hips. Pear-shape body types should wear A-line skirts, which highlights a slim waist. Inverted triangle body types – top is larger than bottom should wear A-line and asymmetric designs because they balance and give proportion to this shape. Rectangular or straight up and down body types can never go wrong with a skort because they instantly balance. For apple shapes – a little fuller in the middle, A-line skirts will help show off great legs.

Good Fabric Selection Can Also Help You Skirts are available in all shapes and sizes and are designed using all sorts of fabrics. For example, buy denim skirts if you're wanting versatility. Denim is a strong fabric that lasts a long time. It also offers comfort and warmth. Many denim skirts also go with almost any accessories, making them excellent investments.

Focus on Skirt Length for the Best Results Another focus when selecting skirts is length, which depends on the occasion. Do you want a mini skirt? A maxi? Is a midi skirt more appropriate? For example, a maxi skirt is often more formal, but there are casual maxis available. But what it all comes down to is your comfort level with certain skirt lengths. For example, if you would rather not show too much leg, a longer skirt is ideal. On the other hand, if you want to show your legs off you need a shorter hemline.

Consider a Complimentary Skirt Color The color and pattern of the skirt you select should compliment your complexion and existing wardrobe. Make sure what you choose goes with the majority of the tops you already own. Avoid color or pattern trends that will likely be here today and gone tomorrow if you want a skirt with staying power. There are plenty of colorful skirts available today that can be worn for many different occasions and can serve you well for years, however, a guaranteed go-to is a little black one because it goes with almost anything.

Or Opt to Make a Colorful Splash If you prefer to be on the cutting edge of new fashion trends, you might not worry about tradition of staying power when picking a skirt. If you are interested in making an impression for however long you can, selecting a colorful skirt is a great way to do so. Making a colorful splash at any event can ensure your presence is known and the occasion is memorable.

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