Why Anjolee Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Why Anjolee Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

[blockquote]“People will stare, so make it worth their while.”  -Harry Winston[/blockquote]

There's no side steppin' the truth...diamonds have the power to make us feel special beyond measure. And when asked to partner with the fine jewelry company, Anjolee, to talk diamonds, the decision was easy...yes! But more about the beautiful anjolee ST991 1 ct. Classic Four Prong Diamond Stud that were sent to me a bit later. Along with delving into the points of distinction that make Anjolee diamond studs special, this post will explore how this particular gem affects our psyche.

The Buzz

As evidenced by my Instagram video below, Anjolee 1 ct. Classic Four Prong Diamonds are a total must-have and can-purchase for every budget level. These stunning diamond studs range in size from 1/4 carat total diamond weight to 2 carats total diamond weight in eight different size combinations, and range in price from as low as $455 - $21,000. These studs can also come in gold, white gold, or platinum. [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/BVkyu2Xg4Cf/?taken-by=gregorieg[/embed] Availability: anjolee.com Price: Classic Four Prong Diamond Studs / Beginning at $445, .24ct And as promised, here are four of the top astrological benefits of diamonds as mentioned on cyberastro.com...
  • It increases benevolence, friendship, kindness, fun and frolic and social interaction. Ever notice how much nicer you feel when you rock a diamond? 
  • It enhances one’s desire to look and feel attractive & fascinating. Ever notice how exceptional you feel when you rock diamonds?
  • It enhances relationship, love bonding, romance, pleasure, sensuality, commitment, sexuality, and improves marriage relationship. Any wonder why marriage proposals come hand in hand with a diamond? 
  • It boosts up one’s sex desire and eroticism, thereby broadening boundaries. No need for commentary here...what happens  behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.

Why You'll Love It (or not)

In the interest of full transparency, Anjolee sent me the ST991 1 ct. Classic Four Prong Diamond Studs custom made for me with cubic zirconia, and I am as awestruck now as I was then when I first received them. Although my gift wasn't made of genuine diamonds, my earrings look just as spectacular and brilliant on my ears. And my favorite design feature? The screw backs, so I won't lose them like I did my first ever set of genuine diamonds. MORE JEWELRY TALK: Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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