Get The Beauty Look of Viola Davis

Get The Beauty Look of Viola Davis

Amongst the sheen in her hair, the glow of her skin, shimmery bee stung lips and cheeks that reveal a whisper of color, actress Viola Davis owns the red carpet.

As we already know, sometimes it takes a village to create the timeless elegance we see here, but with the few products mentioned in this entry, there’s a way for you to mimic this look without enlisting the help of your friends and neighbors and do it with confidence.

When we delve into each aspect of Viola’s stand out makeup and hair features, you too will wonder why you didn’t copy this look long before now.


There isn’t enough camera flash to create the shine we see in Viola’s hair. With the help of a product like Motions Hold & Shine Styling Spray (available at local drugstores), her razor cut appears healthy and full of sheen instead of dull and frizzy as she makes her way down the red carpet capturing the spotlight as she fields interview after interview. What’s great about this styling spray is that it not only provides your hair with shine and control, it acts as a barrier against humidity which is a black woman’s kiss of death! What’s more, it smells really good all because of the Samba fragrance. Take note, if your hair lacks lustre and looks lifeless, it might be time for trip to your local drugstore and buy this spray or something similar.


If you’re really reading this entry, then you’ll notice that ‘eyes & cheeks’ aren’t separated for good reason. It’s because Black Radiance’s Artisan Color Baked Blush – Warm Berry  ($4.99, can also be used as an eyeshadow – at least according to HKI it can. You’ll appreciate this highly-pigmented, smooth blush because it gives your skin a natural glow. So who is this shade good for your ask – women with deep skin tones. Just gorgeous.


Double-duty beauty is in full affect with Jane Iredale’s Lip Fixation – Relish ($29, and glittery lip gloss – one of the three newest shades for fall. Marketed as a “long-wearing, customizable color with moisturizing benefits…,” it seems too good to be true, but it is! This shimmery eggplant shade doesn’t rub off, it only washes off which is completely amazing. Made with botanicals, the stain soothes and pampers lips for comfortable, buildable coverage without it feathering or drying.


A common concern among women are the appearance of large pores and there’s no shortage of skin care products that claim to reduce the visibility of them. To be honest, I’m not even sure that I believe that skin care products can affect changes in pore sizes – a sentiment that isn’t popular considering the number of new product introductions each year claiming to make any sort of a difference. Rather than debate whether a skin care product can perform miracles, it’s best to focus on It Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Pores – HD Silk Micro Powder ($24,, a makeup product that creates the illusion of a poreless finish. It’s a setting powder that’s infused with anti-aging agents Vitamin A,C & E, hydrolyzed collagen (helps to firm and fight against the signs of aging) and a luxurious silk for an air brushed look. I can tell that you’re worried about the ‘white’ powder you see spilling over in this image, but don’t be because it works on ALL skin tones.

And the product line that deserves an honorable mention is Skindinavia’s Moisture Lock Makeup Finish for dry Skin ($29, & No More Shine Makeup Finish for oily  skin ($29, Once you’ve applied your makeup, spray one of these makeup setting sprays onto your face to keep makeup on for up to 16 hours.

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