Katerina Graham In Living Color

Katerina Graham In Living Color

One thing’s true…Vampire Diaries actress and singer Kat Graham never wears the same makeup look twice and her unconventional approach to red carpet beauty has got HKI screaming for more!

It doesn’t matter that many of Kat’s makeup moves aren’t exactly corporate America-acceptable because you can adjust them for day wear.   

Shimmery pastel eyeshadows like this green Urban Decay’s Stardust Eyeshadow – Griffith ($20, macys.com) are the perfect way to create drama on your eyes with just a wash of color and make your eyes glimmer. NOTE: Make sure that you don’t buy a shadow that has glitter falling from it otherwise you’ll look like your pre-teen daughter!

Tip: Skip the dark eyeshadow that rims Kat’s eye and rim the entire eye with the pastel shade for a simple, less-affected look.

The color of THIS season is Coral and we love Blush Terrybly in Platonic Coral – by Terry ($75, barneys.com) because it creates an awesome healthy-looking complexion. Please forgive the $75 price tag ladies…can’t a girl dream?

So will you be trying one of these makeup looks soon? Do tell.

Hue Knew It? I did. 

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