Solange Knowles: Doin’ Beauty Her Way

Solange Knowles: Doin’ Beauty Her Way

Check out the jet-set beauty of Solange Knowles doing beauty her way featuring hair and face products from Naked Princess and Diptyque.

With many a unique, colorful outfit in tow, a girl like Solange Knowles is undoubtedly winning the battle to do beauty & fashion her way. While this mother-model-dj hasn’t always gotten a thumbs up on her makeup and gear a-la Seventeen Magazine, she’s nonetheless determined  to rock what she wants when she wants be it a short natural cut, a curly wig or braids.

Doin’ beauty your way means to dare to be different and in the case of these two beauty products, it means to embrace the unusual suspects.

The packaging of the Naked Princess (NP) line of products is partly why HKI loves it, the other is because of Objet d’Love Lip Treatment – made with matcha green tea & natural shea butters to comfort dry lips and collagen to plump them up. Of the packaging, Creative Director Becca Frank says that “our goal was to make every woman feel special as if they had just received a unique gift. The outer box provides the experience of receiving a piece of jewelry with its clam-shell box that opens to reveal the precious jewel-like keepsake component. The swivel compact is designed to fit well in the hand and is refillable by popping out the pan to replace with a new one. Every package contains a sleeve with all of the product information that can be quickly removed for ease of gift giving. ” Genius.

Diptyque, known primarily to HKI for their indulgent candle fragrances, also creates sexy body products like the Satin Oil for Body & Hair ($58,, which smells of jasmine, ylang ylang, and saffron. The avocado oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and the refined oil leaves your skin with a beautiful sheen.

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