Fashionable Beauty Finds

Fashionable Beauty Finds

Sometimes a woman needs a little somethin’ more than house keys and a compact in her cute clutch to feel ready for any “what-if” scenario when she’s out and about getting her party on.

Keep nip slips, side boob exposures and other fashion hiccups to a minimum by using Hollywood Fashion Tape ($8.99,, the must-have for any woman who wants to wear what she wants, when she wants with confidence. Fashion Tape is a fabric-friendly, double-stick apparel and body tape that trades safety pins in for mental peace of mind.

From clear nail polish to deodorant and 15 other emergency must-haves, never leave the house again without your very own Minimergency Kit ($15, And no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, these kits really do hold every item you see here and the container itself can fit into a small handbag or clutch – my current purse obsession – the metallic embossed lambskin Donna Skinny Clutch by Katherine Kwei ($645, Where’s a benefactor when you need one?!

Makeup touch-ups on the go are a given, but a full-size anything just isn’t in the cards when space is so limited, so I suggest you give the diminutive in size, but not in quality Profusion Spotlight Lip/Eye Palette ($3.99, a look-see. Spotlight contains 6 lip glosses and eyeshadows. Me likey.

Complete the picture for your clutch must-haves with a mini bottle of the fresh-smelling Chloe Miniature Duo ($15, – think rose petals.


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