Get a White Smile With Teeth Whitening at Home

Get a White Smile With Teeth Whitening at Home

Unless you’re television talent, there really isn’t a need to have teeth so white that resemble Chiclets chewing gum or so white that a person needs to wear sunglasses to hold a conversation with you.

If your teeth are a little less natural white than you’d be prefer and a lot more golden than you’re comfortable with, then aim for peeling back the layers of yellow that have taken your teeth hostage and use some of the products mentioned here to help you reveal a beautiful white smile and a more confident you.

While coffee and smoking are known teeth staining culprits, your teeth can get an instant boost of whitening by brushing them with Luster Now! ($7.99, – an instant whitening toohpaste that removes surface stains and contains Bluverite™, a propriety formula that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth. The first time I used this product I was between beauty events one weekday evening and the marketing representative from Luster suggested I brush my teeth with Luster Now – a suggestion I’m glad I listened to because my teeth looked phenomenal for the rest of the evening. The only thing…I wished I’d had the Cenoire Eluo Ultra Sonic Toothbrush ($18.99, because it’s lightweight, cute as hell & electronic. I admit it – I’m lazy and a whole lot of vain. 

When you have 30 minutes to spare, give the clinically-proven Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System ($43.99, a shot. Available for purchase in the coming months. In just 30 minutes a day this system will help rid your teeth of years of stains. The best part: it works on the most sensitive of teeth…I know because I have them! And if you just want a little touch up your teeth on the go then might I suggest 30 count GO SMiLE Instant Stain Remover in Watermelon Mint ($35, Just pop open an ampoule and enjoy a “just-brushed feeling anytime, anywhere.”

TIP: Whenever possible, use a straw to sip dark juices and sodas to minimize teeth staining.

Hue Knew It? I did.  


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